New Tech Start Up!

New Tech Start Up!

There’s a new social network just about to launch that’s starting to generate a LOT of buzz… it’s called Neurs and it could get very big, very fast. There’s a real opportunity to peopel to get on board now in the pre-launch phase and lock in some serious benefits (and revenue) once it goes live next month.

It’s a professional networking platform a bit like LinkedIn, except it’s gear towards business owners & entrepreneurs. So the target audience is also going to include people wanting to become a business owner, and people offering products, services and coaching.

So as I said, this could get really big, really fast!

It’s also got an affiliate program built in to reward you for spreading the word, a bit like Rippln. Right now you can register for free and start inviting your connections, to get your own network in place prior to the launch (Mid March).

Register Here Now & Get Started Today!

After that it will switch over to a Free/Premium model, and those people with a good network already in place could do very well as a portion of their network is almost certain to upgrade.

There’s a lot of buzz already, and there’s some serious capital behind it to build on that momentum, so all hype¬† aside, this really does look like a genuine ‘ground floor’ opportunity…

If you’re at all interested ,I’d recommend you check out the video below and then register ASAP. Once registered you can invite your connections, either by importing your contacts, adding one at a time, or (like me here) setting up your affiliate link (Members => Seeings => Affiliates).

As soon as you send three invites, you’ll get access to th VIP area where there’s a heap of additional information on the company, their mission, their services and the compensation plan…

Register Here Now & Get Started Today!

The clock is ticking though, so get start ASAP and get those invites out!





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