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lgg5-100 Other than the normal bundle of Verizon utilities, Amazon utilities and stock Android apps, there are a few extras that LG has thrown in including: LG Health LGs version of an activity tracking app. QuickMemo+ Memo taking app QuickRemote Universal remote control app ThinkFree Viewer View, edit and create your documents that you needed to bring to your PC File Manager One thing that was immediately noticeable to me was that the LG G5s default user interface does NOT include an app drawer. All the apps are accessed by scrolling through your home screens. Ive read where a lot of people really hate this, but I dont see a problem with it. Is there really any difference between scrolling through home screens than scrolling through an app drawer? I dont think so. If you really need an app drawer you can use the EasyHome theme which makes text larger, creates an easy call screen with your favorite numbers and gives you an app drawer. You can also wait for the firmware update thats due out any day now that will add the app drawer functionality back into the regular theme. Audio quality The LG G5 has good audio quality as long as you dont accidentally cover the downward firing speaker (located to the left of the USB Type C port) with your hand Modular design I touched on this in Part 1 of this review, but Im not very impressed with the fit and finish of this feature. You can feel the edges where the module plugs into the bottom of the phone and it sort of looks like a prototype the way the edges dont quite mate up perfectly. I cant comment that much on the modules since Ive only used the battery module and havent had the need to remove it more than once just to see how it worked.

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