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If You’re Still Trying To Get Started Selling Your Photography Online & Suffering Information Overload, Our Photography Business Starter Kit Can Put It In Perspective & Get You Started Fast!

Stock photography has changed a lot in recent years and the good news for you is, most photographers are still using old methods and old information, and wondering why it doesn’t work.

You’ve probably heard it all already… prices are down, competition is up, sales are erratic at best and stock libraries are little more than mass distribution houses in some suicidal race to the bottom….

Why would you even bother?

Well if you’re here reading this then you’ve probably also heard, despite all the problems, the demand for quality images has never been higher!

Stock photography is still a fantastic business and many photographers are doing better than ever, as long as they understand the new business model and they work smart. That’s what I want to help you with today.

My name is Matt Brading and I’ve been helping photographers sell their work online since 1998, first through OzImages, the web’s first stock photography co-op, and more recently through GlobalEye Images and Eclectic Stock.The network has grown considerably and now includes a professional photography community site,  several private membership websites and numerous specialty sites just for photographers.

In that time I’ve also published dozens of short reports and ebooks to help photographers with the business of selling their photography. Recently I’ve updated the best of them and put them together into one convenient package to help people who are just starting out in stock.

Introducing The GlobalEye Stock Photography Business Starter Kit

Here are 6 of our most popular downloads, all totally revised and updated for this offer…

1. Market Research For Photographers. Understand who your new buyers are and what they desperately want to buy. This short report gives you the essential information on what buyers want to see and how you can capture more marketable images and a lot more of them.

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  • What photo buyers are really looking for
  • Why you need to stop thinking like a photographer
  • How to capture the top seller in any photo opportunity
  • How to become a prolific stock photographer
  • The one element you must include that 92% of photographers totally ignore



2. Getting Organised For Stock. While photography is very much an online business these days, there are several key tasks that you need to carry out in the physical world. This short guide runs you through each of them, quickly and easily, so you can be up and running, ready for those first orders.

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  • A simple walk-up approach to selling photography online
  • Developing your most valuable business assets… they’re not what you think!
  • Essential offline set-up tasks to address before a Client comes knocking
  • The best way to invest in your business
  • Streamline and automate your business


3. Stock Photography Business Plan Template. This is a great starting point to help you identify your strengths and chart a detailed course for your new business that capitalizes on those. From identifying your best markets, getting to know your customers, promoting your business and managing the day to day, this will get you started on the right track.

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  • Brainstorming your new business
  • Business names, registrations, essential business structure
  • Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats
  • Creating an integrated marketing plan
  • Client relationship management


4. Social Media Marketing For Photographers. Photographers everywhere are finding out fast the value of the major social media networks for promoting your business.

In a world where everyone is a publisher, everyone is a potential photo buyer, so there’s enormous potential to put social media to work for your business. Ignore it at your peril!

5. Search Engine Optimization for Photographers. This is a no frills nuts-and-bolts introduction to SEO, written especially for photographers.

You don’t need to be an expert and you certainly don’t have to ‘get’ everything, but if you are serious about your online photography business, you need to understand the processes that get your content listed high in the search engines and delivers targeted leads to your door.

6. Sample Business Forms. This is a basic selection of template forms to save you time and money setting up your business. In particular you should always carry the model release forms with you and get them signed at every opportunity. Includes a simple system to get people to offer up their signature any time you capture a people-photo with real commercial potential.

7. Stock Photography Pricing Guide. Don’t let Rights Managed pricing intimidate you. This short concise guide explains the basics of rights Managed (RM) pricing and gives you a fast accurate pricing system that is so simple you could do in your head if you had to!



Here’s what some of our readers have had to say about them …



If you’re just getting started selling your photography this package will save you time, and frustration and money… but it get’s even better.

Bonus #1. Lifetime Gold Membership of the Stock Photo Price Calculator. [highlight type=”label” style=”green”]$27 Value![/highlight]

For a limited time we’re including lifetime access to the Stock Photo Price Calculator website, where you can get fast, accurate pricing information for over 46,000 Rights manager photo license combinations. Based on real-time feedback from over 5000 working photographers, this is a resource you need to bookmark and use often!

Bonus #2. Instant Photography Websites Package. [highlight type=”label” style=”green”]$27 Value![/highlight]

Grab this great bonus now and set it up at your leisure. Use the Photo Site Secrets system to create mini photo sites, designed to drive targeted visitor traffic to your main stock photography catalog and start earning from day one as well. This is a popular stand alone product in its own right, but we’ve got a limited number of packages to give away to the first 50 orders.

So are you seeing how this package could fast start your photography business, save you time and frustration and make you money?

The good news for you is, it’s a brand new offering for us and we’re looking for some testimonials we can use on this page. So for this launch we’re giving the package away at a crazy-low price, while we get a few photographers through and gather some feedback.

For the launch you can get this entire package:

That’s all 7 ebooks, plus the 2 bonus memberships,

For just $47 $27 $17


All we ask is that once you download your package and have had a good look through it, you CONSIDER sending in a short testimonial. Obviously there’s no obligation, but generally we find people are most happy to assist.

The only catch is, this is a one-time-offer.

This package will be available to you later, but never again at this price. You can grab it now or you can come back later and pay the full price of at least $47.

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Well I hope I’ve made this a no-brainer for you. The fact you’re hear looking for information tells me you’re serious about getting into stock photography, so I really want you to have the tools and information you need to get set up and start right, as quickly and easily as possible.

This package will do just that, but you will need to act now if you want to lock in this amazing price.

Thanks again for your interest,



PS. Of course I realise there’s always a chance that some people might have tried ‘stock’ before and it hasn’t gone so well. That’s OK and don’t beat yourself up. For better or worse the industry has changed significantly in the last few years and unfortunately a lot of the experts are still teaching the old ways that are destined to fail.

This entire package has recently been updated and reflects the industry as it is now, what’s working now, what’s selling now and what buyers now expect. It is a great business to be in, if you do it right.

PPS. I’ll warn you now, I’m not going to advocate you give your work away for peanuts either! If you’re thinking the Microstock business model looks good, you REALLY need to get this package before you do something you’ll regret!

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