Getting Started In Stock Photography

Selling Stock Photography?

Stock photography is popular these days and there are a lot of places a talented photographer can post images and make some extra money. Unfortunately, it takes more than a few good photographs to turn stock photography into a real business.

For all the easy-options and the stories of amazing returns, stock photography is a competitive business where most people get it wrong, lose money and all too often, permanently give up rights to their work without even realising it.

Stock photography can be very rewarding, but only if you treat it as the serious business it is and do it right from the start.

If you’re thinking about getting into stock photography, you really need to check out this short, free report before you go too far. It covers the big questions you need to ask yourself, and questions you need to answer before you sign on with a stock library.

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Once you have decided on the best stock library to represent you, this valuable report will help you ensure you are accepted, and get started quickly and easily, plus is includes some simple tips to help you significantly increase your output and the marketability of your photography.

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